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Is warp drive a legitimate avenue of scientific investigation?

Is warp drive a legitimate avenue of scientific investigation? Yes! "...researchers did indeed discover a warp drive solution: a method of manipulating space so that travelers can move without ...
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In Apollo hardware, why were sump tanks needed?

This answer is almost 2 years on, and it's only conjecture on my part. That said, what I've read in numerous accounts of other systems leads me to think it worth suggesting the following. Re Sector 2 ...
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Would that asteroid transport be possible?

If we assume that the asteroid's orbit is similar to the kind of orbit one would take when traveling from Earth to Mars, then we can get a rough idea of the delta-v needed to capture the asteroid from ...
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Optimal Propulsion Strategy for a Mars Mission

I'm going to answer even though I think the question is a little broad or even opinion based. It all depends on the demand. Let me explain with an example: we could do a minimum cost for development ...
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