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What's this small source of glowing blue plasma next to Psyche's Hall effect thruster for? What does it do and why does the plasma curve and connect?

It is the hollow electron emitting cathode used to produce the plasma. The electrons are moving within an electric and a magnetic field so they are moving on a circular path. The electrons are hitting ...
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How much of LOX will have to be generated for SpaceX Starship to get back from 16 Psyche?

Question - how much of LOX you will have to make? 20-30 ton will do? 20-30 tons will not be enough. Add another zero. I happen to have a delta-v estimate for a 16 Psyche return, which is 4050 m/s for ...
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How is the maximum data rate of the Psyche mission's Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) system expected to scale with distance?

The scaling with $1/r^4$ holds when receiving an optical signal in a way similar to a RF signal, i.e. by reading it as an amplitude signal. Photons in the IR/visible/UV range however can be detected ...
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