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Let me counter with a question: why would they not? What else would they do with the 12 Starships and 60 Raptors do that they have already built, if they're not flying them? Hang them on the wall and admire them? If you have the vehicles and the engines, why would you just build them to scrap them?


The Raptor engines themselves work fine on the test stand. The current challenge SpaceX is facing seems to be in getting the fuel tankage and pressurization system to work properly in the dynamic environment of the Starship's terminal flip maneuver. I can't think of a way to realistically test that non-destructively without building a gigantic rig that ...


A traditional space program would spend a lot of time and money would to make sure that as far as possible, a test flight would work as planned and an expensive prototype wouldn’t be lost. SpaceX doesn’t work like that. Although they undoubtedly do a lot of prior simulation work, they are prepared to fly at a much earlier stage in the design and build the ...

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