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Caveat: Most of my knowledge of such things comes from "word of mouth" discussions with my senior colleagues and their experiences with how things have changed in regards to funding and costs. So take that into account when reading the following. Several years before I was hired (I was hired in September 2010), my boss was asked to draft up a ...


Apollo 13 took the record mainly because the moon was near the apogee of its orbit at the time they passed it - the distance to the moon can vary by up to 50,000 km over the course of a month. (The "maximum possible altitude above Earth's surface" for an Apollo mission orbiting at ~150 km would be I think 402,220 km - the maximum distance between ...


I believe that NASA's Mars 2020 mission beats both: Cruise Stage deploys (aerodynamic) Descent Vehicle ("Aeroshell") deploys (rocket-powered) Descent Stage ("Skycrane") deploys Perseverance deploys Ingenuity That is four deploys compared to the three you listed, and happened about a month earlier.

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