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After a spacecraft departing from the ISS has performed its deorbit burn, what is the altitude at the perigee of its elliptical orbit typically?

When a spacecraft departs from the International Space Station (ISS) and performs its deorbit burn, it transitions from a circular orbit to an elliptical orbit. Now, based on your high reputation, I ...
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How much more stressful would the Indian Ocean reentry have been for Starship IFT-3?

Jonathan McDowell posted "Starship marginal-orbit insertion" and said, "I infer a -55 x 235 orbit". It might be possible to figure out the difference in the initial speed at the ...
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How does flying a steeper entry trajectory make the exclusion zone smaller?

In the sketch, the blue circle is the debris field from the steeper, blue trajectory. We assume the red and blue trajectories are about the same velocity and disintegration occurs at about the same ...
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What Earth satellite remained in orbit the longest before reentering?

If you want intact payloads, Explorer 26 is the satellite that has reentered with the longest on-orbit lifetime with almost 57 years (SCC Number 963, INTLDES 1964-086A; launched 1964-12-21, reentered ...
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