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Could mirrors used in a Dyson Swarm be made from asteroids in the inner asteroid belt?

No Or at least, we could use the materials, but it wouldn't be enough: Body Estimated Mass Inner asteroid belt 2.4E21 kg $^{[1]}$ Planet Mercury 3.3E23 kg $^{[2]}$ The total mass of the inner ...
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What does a "handover" really mean in satellite communications?

In general, handovers happen when a device that has single upstream connection switches between access points that are serving multiple devices each. In mobile telephones, your phone does a handover ...
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What does a "handover" really mean in satellite communications?

This might become clearer if you can think in terms of what the ground station is there to do and what assets it has to do so. Its a resource management issue. e.g. if the number of antennas the ...
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Is there an authoritative source for which GNSS satellite transmits which signals?

It seems there indeed isn't any good machine-readable list of signals for GNSS satellites (or blocks of them). One good-looking (but non-authoritative, and GPS-only) is provided by the GNSSTK project. ...

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