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What is the lowest inclination orbit ever achieved by a crewed Soyuz mission?

It appears Soyuz 1 had the lowest inclination of any Soyuz flight and any Soviet or Russian crewed orbital flight ever, at 50.8 degrees. That's because most Soviet/Russian spaceflights went to a space ...
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Could Soyuz spacecraft have saved the Columbia crew?

Unless you allow the possibility of launching from a launchpad that didn't exist at the time (and the Soyuz pad in South America never had the infrastructure for crew launches anyway) - placing your ...
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splashdown time Dragon vs Soyuz

Axiom's Ax-3 had a notably long post-undocking orbit time and no clear explanation has been given for why that would be. It was actually just under two days, not three -- undocking was February 7th at ...
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