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What was the most inconsequential failure on an STS mission recorded in mission reports?

That's a good one! Wow, what to pick: stuck locker doors, slightly hazed windows, problems with the galley. How about a Velcro problem? The EDFT-03 utility box evaluation resulted in a Velcro patch ...
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Shuttle emergency landing location question

This is admittedly a partial answer; it was originally inspired by GandalfDDI's link of JSC-48029 in their answer. That document notably calls out whether or not selected airfields have PAPI lighting,...
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Shuttle emergency landing location question

All my Shuttle Documentation: See the JSC-48029 Rev B - Flight Data File - Flight Maps and Charts - 19910828.pdf: https://gandalfddi.z19.web....
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After the Challenger disaster, the Fixed Service Structures on pads 39A & B had a new structure on the FSS. What is it?

Asked my KSC operations friends, Eric said that is was a "Weather protection wall, it pivots and slid to shield the orbiter from the elements"

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