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Drag is proportional to the cross-sectional area. If you don't change that and keep the other parameters (coefficent, air density, velocity) the same, the drag will not change. What you will change is the ballistic coefficient, which is proportional to mass.


Supplemental to @Digger's answer. Sky & Telescope's Buzz Aldrin, Moonwalker and Eclipsophile, Saw Totality Twice from Space Partial solar eclipse as seen from the Gemini XII spacecraft during it 12th orbit around Earth. Crew members for the flight were astronauts James A. Lovell Jr., command pilot, and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., pilot. NASA On November 11, ...


For the ISS, the relevant bit of kit would be the Trace Contaminant Control System, which is part of the Air Revitalisation System. A Trace Contaminant Control System ensures that over 200 various trace chemical contaminants generated from material off-gassing and crew metabolic functions remain within allowable limits. A mass spectrometer measures the ...


These are lights: I think they are fluorescent tubes with protective covers (you probably don't want them to break...). It's hard to find really good information. However Skylab: A Guidebook (EP-107) contains a number of photographs which convinced me, at least. And then I eventually found this image: This comes from the Wikipedia page on Skylab so it's ...

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