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Would air circulate in a rotating station on its own? Short answer, no. Rigid body rotation of an air-filled station would result in a static and very very slight gradient in pressure (being highest at the point farthest from the center of rotation) but rotation alone wouldn't produce any forces that would sustain circulation. Friction would slow any ...


The ISS’s solar panels, radiator panels, robotic arms, and possibly the truss itself would collapse under their own weight if brought into earth gravity. These devices were assembled or deployed in microgravity. In the interest of minimizing mass, structural strength was designed to be sufficient only for the small forces and accelerations of space operation....


Following Organic Marble's spirit, I guess the thermal shields on the capsules will be destroyed when they are returned to earth. 100% sure there are a few of those up there right now.


Floating water (or other fluid) droplets cannot be returned to Earth without losing their form. Photo credit NASA

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