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Establish if Payload is Still Operational - Space Track

(Many thanks to @Uhoh whose comments sent me off in the right direction) This data is available on CelesTrak's SATCAT Records API. Take ZARYA for example: https://celestrak.org/satcat/records.php?...
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Get fully defined orbit from space-track.org SATCAT

Problem 1: you're querying the wrong database. For orbit data, you don't want SATCAT, you want ELSETs, which means you need to use "gp" (for General Perturbations) in your URL in place of &...
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How to access conjunction data message data?

CDMs on space-track.org are archived 72 hours after TCA. For basic orbital elements you should be able to pull the TLE for the secondary object identified in the conjunction. However, currently there ...
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