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Could a CubeSat be propelled by this electromagnetic propellantless propulsion system? No, I'm pretty sure it can't, unless it is very large (kilometers or larger). Because permanent magnets and electromagnets only provide dipole and higher magnetic moments, there is no way to propel yourself in a uniform magnetic field. You need monopoles to do that. The ...


Currently, if you want to become an astronaut for a traditional space agency (i.e. NASA, ESA, Roscosmos) you basically need to be a citizen of that country or in ESA's case, a EU citizen. In the USA, the most reliable method of becoming a NASA astronaut is to be a military test pilot and eventually cross over to NASA. If you want to apply as a flight ...


The heat protection material on the Vostok spacecraft is a resin-drenched asbestos fabric. Heat protection was mainly asbestos fabric, impregnated with bakelite resin. The maximum thickness of thermal protection in the frontal part was 110 mm, and the minimum - 40 mm in the rear.


We can use light refraction angel from liquid surface of fuel. Assumption is that the space ship is having constant velocity..... Liquid fuel always settle to the opposite side of tank (which will be tank bottom) w.r.t moving direction.

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