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Which was the first liquid non hypergolic engine to be reignited in space?

It would seem to be the RL-10A used on Atlas-Centaur. According to a NASA document "Successful Restart of a Cryogenic Upper-Stage Vehicle After Coasting in Earth Orbit." Atlas-Centaur AC-9, ...
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First water deluge system?

I found an earlier one: Bold mine: "The made-to-order pad was one of several concessions Vanguard succeeded in obtaining from the Air Force. NRL and Martin insisted also on a "wet pad," ...
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How many of these six military "orbital threat" techniques have been demonstrated in a (more or less) publicly recognized way?

robotic mechanisms Further to NG's MEV-1 and MEV-2 projects already mentioned, China joined this club in 2021-22. Although termed "space debris mitigation" by the PRC, its uses otherwise, ...
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Did any astronauts smoke within a spacecraft while in space?

Comment: Before I posted that picture of Aldrin (referred to in the OP), I tried to chase down the back story on it. It is a widely posted picture, so there were a lot of poorly documented Reddit-...
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Did any astronauts smoke within a spacecraft while in space?

From the memoirs of Soviet cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Serebrov: "I remember I flew with Sasha Viktorenko, so he specially took a pack of Java with him in his pocket, in his ...
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