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First of all, in Russia, the term 'spacesuit' (скафандр) can be a little ambiguous as it refers not only to space suits, but to generally any suit that isolates a human from the environment and provides a living environment within. Going by that characteristic, the first closed- loop suits were developed very early on in the 1930s. These models (СК–ЦАГИ and ...


I suspect these points are complete nonsense, but I'm just going to address #2 since David already has a good answer that covers the other points. Here is Soichi Noguchi putting on the SpaceX suit in microgravity, without assistance, and in less than 5 minutes: I couldn't find a good similar video of the Sokol, but those that ...


During the service module spacewalk during Apollo 15-17, all three astronauts' spacesuits were connected by umbilicals to the command module. This included the closed-loop cooling water circuit, which dissipated heat using radiators on the service module. (Technically answers the question, but perhaps not in the spirit of the question.)

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