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This is equivalent to asking "how much payload mass can Starship + Superheavy put into LEO per launch". It's just that in the case of a tanker the "payload" is fuel rather than cargo. At the moment that's actually a rather tricky question to answer, since the design of Starship and Superheavy are still constantly changing as the ...


The Starship design is a series of 1.8m tall rings (since commercial stainless steel is most commonly available at a maximum roll height of 1.8m) welded together into a long tube. One of the innovations SpaceX is doing is similar to what they did in Falcon 9, a shared common dome between tanks. That is, it would otherwise be two rounded ends, meeting and ...


Normally cryo tanks are painted white to reduce the heat absorption. Maybe they paint them black because they want to increase the pressure inside them.


Why not to return vertically like Falcon 9? Falcon 9's first stage does not return from orbital velocity, since it never goes to orbit. Starship is muuuuuuuuuuuuuch faster than Falcon 9's first stage. Starship not only reenters from orbital velocity, but from interplanetary velocities as well. The only sensible way of shedding that much energy is to ...


Starship will take off the same way that it lands using rocket motors that are located higher up on the ship and angled out slightly thus avoiding the problems of the impingement of the rocket plume on the surface directly below the landing legs. The exact details have not been worked out yet but in principle it will work as shown in this video:

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