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How long would it take Starship to get to Neptune without any flybys?

The linked answer assumes an optimal Hohmann transfer. That's just an elliptic orbit touching the Earth's orbit and Neptune's orbit, so a semi major axis $a = \frac{a_{Earth} + a_{Neptune}}{2}$ ...
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Can Starship go beyond Mars?

Yes, But it Depends on the Details In 2019 Elon Musk responded to the same question on Twitter: How Much Delta-V Does a Fully Fueled Starship in space have with a 100T Payload? Elon's answer was, &...
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Could a third stage be added to Starship?

Perhaps the Starship (modified) could be used as a second stage on the Artemis SLS. In it's current form, Artemis rolls to the launch pad straight out of the 1980's "Like a Virgin" and ...

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