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In vacuum maneuvers will be taking place with the three vacuum Raptors, target hoped for thrust somewhere around 2500 kN each. For a loaded Starship at around 1000 tonnes F/m=a gives 7.5 m/s2 or just under one G. As the tanks empty this would increase to around 82 m/s2 or just over 6G. If you use the current actual Raptor thrust around 2000 kN this gets a ...


It certainly 'could', there is nothing making it physically impossible, though it would require a robust docking mechanism since the the tension forces hanging 120 tonnes at the target G force would be more substantial than just docking for fuel but not insurmountable, something less than 25mm cross section in steel and it would be connecting the engine ...


Teslerati's September 2019 article states a T/W ration of 1.5 is desirable. Calculating an estimated table for the first few seconds of flight is trival, as one can assume the mass is constant (it isn't), and the direction is straight up

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