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Are Falcon Heavy fairings reused?

The evidence points to: SpaceX recovers Falcon Heavy fairings if they can - the first fairing caught as part of their "dry recovery program" was a Falcon Heavy fairing from the third FH ...
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Has Spacex released any reports describing how they are going to secure the payload on Starship?

SpaceX has released a user guide which is only version one and dated March 2020 but lists the planned mounting arrangement as As a baseline, Starship is compatible with heritage Falcon 937-mm, 1194-...
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How can you find out how many times a SpaceX fairing has been reused?

The only public information I know of is the mentions on the SpaceX web casts. The reason we are so well informed about the individual Falcon 9 boosters, Dragon capsules, Starships, Super Heavy, and ...
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When chopsticks catch the booster by the grid fins, what is the maximum vertical speed?

The vehicle is Not caught by the grid fins, there are catch points just below the fins for this purpose, my understanding is velocity will be virtually Zero as the vehicles can/will hover into ...
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Why do the Falcon 9 fairings have soot on them?

SpaceX has released video of the fairings being released and falling through the second-stage plume (this link goes to a Scott Manley video that contains the footage; I'm not quickly finding the ...
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Power supply for StarShip?

Earlier renders of StarShip (BFR) Display solar 'wings' Final configuration / design will not be settled on for some time. Suffice to say solar panels will definitely required and there are multiple ...

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