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Wouldn’t Super Heavy flip following stage seperation, even without help from its 3 lit engines?

Aerodynamics don't matter. Staging takes place at an altitude of roughly 74 km, in an atmospheric pressure of about 4 Pa (0.004% of surface pressure). Even at the speed Super Heavy is going, that's ...
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Why Spacex Starship is not a modular rocket?

The main factor is the intended full reusability, with short turn-around time necessary to perform the orbital refueling for departure to Mars. Falcon Heavy is an outlier, a Kerbal style contraption ...
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Who is manufacturing the solar panels for Starlink satellites?

At least some of the solar cells are (have been?) produced by Taiwan Solar Energy Corp See Starlinks Deepens Cooperations With Taiwan on Solar Cells, and a reddit discussion of that article. The ...
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How does SpaceX get its boosters from the ASDS to SLC-40?

SpaceX has quite optimized its operations since the early days where they used commercially available cranes and SPMTs. You can watch it happen live on NSF's Space Coast Live 24/7 live stream. When a ...
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Is vacuum created between the inner engines under Earth's atmosphere that could affect the booster in the early moments of the ascent?

My thoughts are that if there's isn't a pressure relief to the innermost engines they could create a vacuum Your thoughts are basically correct, though the effect is probably less dramatic than you ...
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