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Why would Starlink launch appear as a blurred line?

Any launch from the U.S. will not be visible in the UK because the launch vehicle and payload are in orbit long before it reaches Europe. As seen in this view from SpaceX of the Starlink 10-1 launch ...
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Why would Starlink launch appear as a blurred line?

There was no Starlink launch around this time, therefore, you can't have seen a Starlink launch. There was a Starlink launch on the 8th a couple of hours later in the morning and another one in the ...
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Do the second stages for Starlink launches from Florida do a deorbit burn over Texas?

Here's the ground track for the 2nd stage, pulled from the live stream of that launch (Starlink 6-48). I don't have data on the deorbit burn or impact, but the deorbit burn does tend to happen at 90 ...
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Why is SpaceX not also working on a smaller version of Starship?

Below is a quote from a tweet Elon Musk made in 2021: Doubling diameter increases mass 4X, but difficulty of simultaneously building & launching rocket of that size is >>4X. In retrospect, &...
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