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What is the purpose of the aft skirt on the Space Shuttle and SLS Solid Rocket Boosters?

Main points about the SRB aft skirt are that they: bear the entire weight of the launch vehicle, prelaunch had (SLS SRB does not) four hold-down/support posts distributed the loads between the SRB ...
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How would larger solid rocket boosters have improved the space shuttle's capabilities?

Five-segment boosters for shuttle were being actively developed prior to the STS-107 failure. (personal notes) The paper Five-Segment RSRB Feasibility Status (1999) predicts an increase in ISS ...
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How are SRBs and solid rocket motors transported safely? Do they ever end up on trucks driven down public highways?

Decades ago I learned two interesting things from a friend involved with the US Navy Trident missile program, one relating to transport. The weapons used multi-stage, solid fueled rockets. The motors ...
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