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What is an "octet" in the context of NASA's LunaNET Interoperability Standard? ("internet on the Moon")

An octet is an 8-bit byte. Historically, "byte" wasn't always 8 bits (and still isn't, with some architectures having different byte sizes today); "octet" is unambiguous and widely ...
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What is an "octet" in the context of NASA's LunaNET Interoperability Standard? ("internet on the Moon")

Is "octet" just a fancy word for "byte" No, they mean very different things. A "byte" is the smallest unit of addressable memory of a specific CPU architecture. That ...
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How far do you have to be from Earth to be "in space"?

The beginning of outer space and spaceflight is something hard to classify because the boundary between an atmosphere and the vacuum of space is very fluid. A space border is to be defined according ...
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What is an "octet" in the context of NASA's LunaNET Interoperability Standard? ("internet on the Moon")

In English, the name byte, symbol B, is used as a synonym for octet. However, byte has been used for numbers of bits other than eight. To avoid the risk of confusion, it is strongly recommended that ...
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What paper size do they use on the International Space Station?

Although one cannot exclude other paper sizes being sometimes used, US astronauts on the ISS definitely used A4 paper. "Printer Paper, A4" is listed three times on this NASA International ...
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Do the rovers in Hayabusa-2 communicate directly with the spacecraft or use the landers as relay?

I am fairly certain that what you are referring to as the "landers" are actually just cases for the rovers. MINERVA stands for "MIcro-Nano Experimental Robot Vehicle for the Asteroid". Note that its ...
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Why is the International Docking Adapter limited to mother ships and shuttles in a set mass range?

Docking starts with two ships moving towards each other. This closure speed has to be reduced to 0 during the docking maneuver, this is done by the Soft Capture System. The larger the docking ship is, ...
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What are the common space application adhesives used in Earth orbiting satellites?

The list of NASA certified space-rated epoxies is long and contains hyperlinks, so I'll show the definition and categories here, and leave the link for the actual list.
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How strict are dispenser integrators when a CubeSat requirement is not met?

If you conduct a loads analysis of both your end and the deployer and can prove that you still have adequate factors of safety in your design then getting a waiver should not be terrible. It's not ...
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How can satellites serve a large number of devices on earth?

for question 1: bandwidth required depends on what kind of communications you want. Telephone can be done in something like 9.6 kbit/s for one device, video needs hundreds of kbit/s. The satellite (...
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