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What is SpaceX doing differently with Starship to avoid it exploding like the N1?

One of the problems the N-1 faced was a lack of testing. They never did full up static fires, since the engines (NK-15) could only fire once after which valves needed to be replaced (multiplied by 30+...
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How does NASA have permission to test a nuclear engine?

The nuclear test ban treaty bans testing nuclear weapons. It does not ban nuclear reactors. A nuclear rocket engine of the type proposed by NASA would be a thermal nuclear rocket: https://en.wikipedia....
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What is SpaceX doing differently with Starship to avoid it exploding like the N1?

The design of the N-1 was constrained by available materials There's nothing inherently wrong with having lots and lots of engines. In the N-1's case, this was not because they wanted lots of engines, ...
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What is SpaceX doing differently with Starship to avoid it exploding like the N1?

The key feature that allows SpaceX to succeed where Soviet Russia failed is the advent of computer simulation. The sophistication of today’s advanced simulation software is outstanding and enables a ...
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What is SpaceX doing differently with Starship to avoid it exploding like the N1?

There are two other things that differ from the N-1 vs modern rockets Poor on-board computers The Apollo 11 mission, for instance, had its famous 1202 alarm Through exhaustive testing, the team at ...
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Were the landing gear doors closed during the Approach and Landing Tests?

Enterprise's landing gear was lowered once while mounted to the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. Prior to the first free flight, shuttle commander Fred Haise wanted to be absolutely sure the gear-deploy ...
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Is the acoustic horn at Stennis Space Center still there? Is it used?

The tower was demolished between the end of 2012 and the end of 2014. Its coordinates on Google Earth was 30°22'38.64"N and 89°35'57.62"W. There is satellite imagery of it standing with the ...
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CubeSat dispensers: amplify or dampen vibration loads on spacecraft?

Turns out that Steve Furger wrote a whole Masters thesis on exactly this topic! It was an excellent read and contained answers to my question and lots more. In the Z-direction, where CubeSats get ...
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Why does SpaceX's integrated booster test not attempt to relight the second stage engines

For the upper stage, success or failure of such a test would have a relatively large effect on landing location and a failed test could potentially result in damage or loss of control, making it ...
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Need advice to set up reaction wheel cluster in lab

My approach would be to adapt off-the-shelf components marketed for model jet aircraft . The brushless motors are amazingly torquey. If you remove the fans, you can use them as reaction motors. You ...
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How many of these six military "orbital threat" techniques have been demonstrated in a (more or less) publicly recognized way?

robotic mechanisms Further to NG's MEV-1 and MEV-2 projects already mentioned, China joined this club in 2021-22. Although termed "space debris mitigation" by the PRC, its uses otherwise, ...
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