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Google maps for Space exploration

[...] Distance, Route, Space points, Shortest distance available to reach the destination from Planet Earth. For this purpose, space maps tend to be more abstract. If they weren't, solar system maps ...
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Google maps for Space exploration

Google Earth Pro already includes the Moon and Mars. I don't think it covers traveling there though.
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Most attractive resource on the Moon

Lunar ice may be of some importance for a different reason: its possible role in making iron and steel. On Earth, we commonly use carbon (coke) to smelt iron from its oxides, thus to make steel. But ...
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DIY Lunar regolith simulant

Slag. The moon is differentiated. Effectively, lunar regolith is ore that has been “de-ored”; all valuables have been pulled out (depleted), both by sinking to the core (siderophiles) and by degassing ...
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Could the Lunar Lagrange Points work for space telescopes?

Pros and cons of space telescope in an Earth-Moon L2-associated libration orbit Pros: Some orbits will allow the possibility of spending some time behind the Moon which can completely eclipse Earth. ...
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