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Have there been any other "camsats" besides Banxing-2?

In the early days of ISS, when they were building it with the shuttle, there was a soccer ball sized robot camera called AER Cam Sprint. NASA, public domain. Astronaut for scale They tested it ...
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Could the Tiangong-2 dock to the ISS?

One of the docking systems in use on the ISS is a passive APAS-95 system. Tiangong-2 is believed to also have a passive APAS-95 system or something mechanically compatible. In order for two APAS-95 ...
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Why Celestrak has Archived TLEs for most space stations from Russia and the US, but not Tiangong-1, Tiangong-2 or Skylab?

@RussellBorogove's comment is fairly conclusive. ...I note that Celestrak was established in 1985, at which point Salyut 7 was up, but Skylab was not. The Archived TLE data page says 1980-2004, but ...
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China. Its very own modular spacestation

A bit dated (2011) article from China Daily states that the launch of Tiangong-3 is planned around 2020-2022, stating that this is information from The China Manned Space Engineering Office. The ...
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