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Is NASA's Deep Space Network possibly a backup link for China's Zhurong rover?

I am almost certain the answer is not just no but is on the level of the underworld freezing over level of no. Congress has forbidden NASA from providing any support for China's space program. Shortly ...
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What's the exact location (lat/lon) of Zhurong?

Breaking News! (01:24 UTC June 8, 2021) China releases new Mars image taken by Tianwen-1 probe, CCTV (English) Article shows before and after picture of the landing and associated debris: ...taken by ...
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Long lived solar powered rovers without radioisotope heater units (like Zhurong), for use beyond Mars

The use of a chemical heat-storage unit has a lot of potential. These usually work by having a material that absorbs heat during the day (or when otherwise available), and then releases this heat ...
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What CPU does China's Zhurong rover use?

Just as a starting point, the Wikipedia article for the Loongson processor family points to this paper, which has a few more cool details. 2.2 Loongson X-CPU radiation hardening by design The paper ...
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What CPU does China's Zhurong rover use?

China use the Loongson family of microprocessors. Those used to use the MIPS architecture, but now have their own instruction set architecture (ISA): LoongArch. They've used Loongson for many years ...
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How were the ramps for the Zhurong rover stowed on the lander for flight?

A longer version of the animation provided by the China National Space Administration and released by China Central Television, can be seen here, starting at 0:32. It ...
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Why is it so cold in the nighttime (-130 C at 25.1 degree North) at the location where the Chinese rover landed on Mars?

Unfortunately Insight's subsurface thermal probe is not in place so we don't have data from Mars, but what it would look like is at say 50 or 100 cm below the surface the temperature was constant, but ...
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What are these details on (renderings of) the Zhurong rover's wheels?

It is the number of the wheel in morse code. The front right has ..-. (1) and the front left has .-..(2) multiple times on them. Probably used to identify which wheel made which track on the surface. ...
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