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Questions about vehicles sent to extraterrestrial bodies, generally for use in data collection.
176 questions
SpaceX's heavy lift launcher, based on the Falcon 9, using two strap-on boosters with a center core.
174 questions
Questions regarding the reuse of parts or equipment.
173 questions
Questions about debris in space, often in Earth orbit. Usually referring to nonoperational man-made satellites or parts of satellites.
168 questions
Questions about impact of radiation on space exploration.
165 questions
Questions about asteroids, bodies in the solar system smaller then planets which orbit the sun.
165 questions
Type of satellite in the shape of a cube 10 cm on each side. Popular with academics and amateurs with a focus on off-the-shelf components.
163 questions
Questions regarding travel on a cosmic scale, from one star to another.
156 questions
Questions regarding the spacesuits that astronauts wear whilst in space
Questions regarding spacecraft designed to travel between planets.
148 questions
Questions regarding the Soyuz manned spacecraft used by the Soviet and Russian space program.
143 questions
Questions on obtaining electrical energy from the light of the Sun through either direct photovoltaic conversion or thermal conversion.
141 questions
a spacecraft capable of supporting a crew, which is designed to remain in space (most commonly in low Earth orbit) for an extended period of time. For questions…
137 questions
Questions about satellites designed to aid in communications, such as phone, TV and Internet satellites.
136 questions
Questions regarding words and abbreviations used in the fields of spaceflight and space exploration, and their meaning when used in those contexts.
134 questions
Questions regarding missions or parts of missions which were not successful.
129 questions
Questions on the subject of missions to the Lunar surface - past, present, and future
128 questions
Questions regarding the absence of significant gravitational force.
128 questions
the process of designing a spacecraft to fulfill a particular objective.
128 questions
Questions explicitly involving numerical analysis.
126 questions
Questions on launch complexes, spaceports or other locales for the launch of spacecraft.
125 questions
an American scientific program that launched two unmanned space missions, the probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. Although they were designated officially to study just the planetar…
122 questions
Questions pertaining to materials used for construction of space-worthy objects.
Questions regarding the second planet from the Sun.
119 questions
Questions regarding rocket propellant in liquid form, the main type used for chemical rockets.
118 questions
Using radio wavelengths to communicate between multiple spacecraft or between a spacecraft and the Earth.
118 questions
Questions about orbits whose position in the sky remains the same for a stationary observer on the primary body.
115 questions
a set of parameters that uniquely identify a specific orbit.
115 questions
Questions about deep space travel and observations that are related to the distance between the object in question and the Earth. For example, questions about communications delay, radial resolution, …
114 questions
Topics that relate to orbit determination and flight path control. May also be used for navigation on the surface of celestial objects.
112 questions
Questions regarding space exploration safety issues and procedures.
Questions regarding effects on health by activities, prolonged stay, or exposure to environmental elements in space, celestial bodies, or space stations. Predominantly questions pertaining to health o…
107 questions
Lagrangian points (also Lagrange points, L-points, or libration points) are the five positions (L1 - L5) surrounding two celestial bodies where gravitational pull of the two large mass bodies provides…
106 questions
Questions regarding the use of an object's gravity to change the velocity of a spaceship.
104 questions
"change in velocity". The quantity has utility in rocketry as measure of the change in velocity that a reaction engine must produce to move into a given trajectory. The rocket equ…
104 questions
Questions regarding extra-vehicular activity, or EVA, during space exploration.
103 questions
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