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A space probe is a scientific robotic spacecraft. It explores space and/or other planetary bodies (planets, satellites, asteroids, ..). It can flyby, orbit, enter atmosphere of, land on or submerge in…
275 questions
Questions about debris in space, often in Earth orbit. Usually referring to nonoperational man-made satellites or parts of satellites.
265 questions
Questions about vehicles sent to extraterrestrial bodies, generally for use in data collection.
260 questions
Questions regarding the formation of a new colony on another planet or other body.
252 questions
Type of satellite in the shape of a cube 10 cm on each side. Popular with academics and amateurs with a focus on off-the-shelf components.
246 questions
Questions on ascertaining, predicting, and controlling spatial orientation and rotation of spacecraft, and on forces that affect spatial orientation.
240 questions
Questions regarding the reuse of parts or equipment.
236 questions
Questions regarding the spacesuits that astronauts wear whilst in space
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Orbital elements are a set of parameters that uniquely identify a specific orbit.
229 questions
Questions about asteroids, bodies in the solar system smaller then planets which orbit the sun.
226 questions
Questions about satellites designed to aid in communications, such as phone, TV and Internet satellites.
222 questions
Questions explicitly involving numerical analysis.
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Launched in 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope (often called JWST) is a large, near infrared and visible space telescope with 18 mirror segments in Earth's L2 point. Use for questions about the tel…
218 questions
Questions regarding missions or parts of missions which were not successful.
211 questions
Questions about impact of radiation on space exploration.
210 questions
Questions regarding words and abbreviations used in the fields of spaceflight and space exploration, and their meaning when used in those contexts.
206 questions
Questions regarding spacecraft designed to travel between planets.
206 questions
SpaceX's heavy lift launcher, based on the Falcon 9, using two strap-on boosters with a center core.
200 questions
Questions regarding travel on a cosmic scale, from one star to another.
198 questions
Questions about a craft used to propel payloads into space, usually a rocket-powered vehicle
195 questions
Questions on obtaining electrical energy from the light of the Sun through either direct photovoltaic conversion or thermal conversion.
194 questions
Using radio wavelengths to communicate between multiple spacecraft or between a spacecraft and the Earth.
190 questions
Questions regarding the Soyuz manned spacecraft used by the Soviet and Russian space program.
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Perseverance is a NASA Mars rover launched in July 2020 and landed in Jezero crater in February 2021. Use with the [mars] tag when asking about the environment it's in. Use with [ingenuity] when askin…
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A space station (or orbital station) is a spacecraft capable of supporting a crew, which is designed to remain in space (most commonly in low Earth orbit) for an extended period of time. For questions…
187 questions
Questions regarding the second planet from the Sun.
185 questions
Questions regarding rocket propellant in liquid form, the main type used for chemical rockets.
182 questions
Literal meaning is "change in velocity". The quantity has utility in rocketry as measure of the change in velocity that a reaction engine must produce to move into a given trajectory. The rocket equ…
181 questions
Questions pertaining to materials used for construction of space-worthy objects.
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The Voyager program is an American scientific program that launched two unmanned space missions, the probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. Although they were designated officially to study just the planetar…
175 questions
Questions on launch complexes, spaceports or other locales for the launch of spacecraft.
172 questions
Questions on taking images in space or of spacecraft.
171 questions
Questions regarding space exploration safety issues and procedures.
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Questions pertaining to the launch vehicle developed by Wernher von Braun's team under Arthur Rudolph's supervision at Marshall Space Flight Center for carrying astronauts to the Moon. Saturn V (or C-…
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Questions about deep space travel and observations that are related to the distance between the object in question and the Earth. For example, questions about communications delay, radial resolution, …
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Questions regarding the design or process of design of a spacecraft.
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