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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Questions about deep space travel and observations that are related to the distance between the object in question and the Earth. For example, questions about communications delay, radial resolution, …
167 questions
Questions pertaining to the launch vehicle developed by Wernher von Braun's team under Arthur Rudolph's supervision at Marshall Space Flight Center for carrying astronauts to the Moon. Saturn V (or C-…
167 questions
Questions regarding the amount of money required to perform or sustain space exploration.
166 questions
Questions on the subject of missions to the Lunar surface - past, present, and future
164 questions
Questions regarding the Curiosity rover launched by NASA for the purpose of Mars exploration.
162 questions
Lagrangian points (also Lagrange points, L-points, or libration points) are the five positions (L1 - L5) surrounding two celestial bodies where gravitational pull of the two large mass bodies provides…
161 questions
Questions regarding the absence of significant gravitational force.
156 questions
Questions about engines used in space that accelerate ions to create thrust.
155 questions
Questions regarding the use of an object's gravity to change the velocity of a spaceship.
154 questions
Questions about orbits whose position in the sky remains the same for a stationary observer on the primary body.
152 questions
Questions regarding visual impressions of objects or instruments used to capture visual impressions.
145 questions
Force produced by pushing against a reaction mass in space à la Newton's third law: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." The thrust of a rocket engine is the forward force produ…
144 questions
SpaceX's second version of the Dragon spacecraft, also called "Crew Dragon". It is designed to carry humans.
144 questions
Sensors, systems, strategies, algorithms and mathematics relating to BOTH determining AND controlling the attitude (3D orientation) of spacecraft.
143 questions
Questions of the science and space exploration related to Earth.
142 questions
Questions regarding extremes or records, such as the smallest, largest, first, last, heaviest, etc. of a thing or event.
142 questions
A telescope placed in space, typically for the purpose of avoiding atmospheric distortion, background light, and attenuation of light by the atmosphere.
141 questions
Questions about research and use of water in space environment
140 questions
Questions regarding energy used to operate a mechanical or electrical device.
139 questions
representation of environment or process in a more accessible form using virtual or physical imitation or analogues, often for the purpose of training or testing, includes both real-world (physical) a…
139 questions
Questions regarding effects on health by activities, prolonged stay, or exposure to environmental elements in space, celestial bodies, or space stations. Predominantly questions pertaining to health o…
138 questions
Questions about the exploration of the planet Jupiter.
138 questions
Questions regarding devices used to make a controlled descent and touchdown onto another object, usually either to transfer objects, or perform scientific observations.
137 questions
Questions regarding systems used to continually locate objects, often radar.
137 questions
Questions about the procedure of using a piece of equipment to find imperfections or problems.
136 questions
the effect on a spacecraft of moving through atmosphere, how its density, pressure, temperature, flow velocity, and viscosity affect a craft, and how lift and drag can be used to modify that.
136 questions
Should be used whenever one specific online resource or printed book/ or other space exploration-related media is required. Care should be taken to avoid asking for broad, open-ende…
130 questions
Questions regarding computer programs used in space exploration.
129 questions
The study of satellite orbits and space flight dynamics.
129 questions
Questions regarding atmospheric drag which includes the resistance offerd by a moving object in fluid
127 questions
The country of Russia is what remains of the former Soviet Union (Of which Russia was a province/state). The Russian/Soviet space program has been quite expansive and capable over many decades. Curr…
123 questions
First or earliest instances of a notable event, implementation, or technological achievement related to spaceflight. Use the record tag instead for questions of the class fastest, smallest etc. as the…
123 questions
questions about the observation of the planet Earth from space, usually for scientific, technical, or other well-defined reasons, or about the spacecraft that do this. This tag is usually used for sys…
122 questions
Questions about the extraction of materials from other planets or asteroids.
121 questions
Questions regarding living organisms, searches for life, or human life in space.
121 questions
Questions relating to the use of technology to further space exploration.
121 questions
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