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Questions regarding the Sun, or Sol in Latin, the star at the center of the solar system Earth is in.
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representation of environment or process in a more accessible form using virtual or physical imitation or analogues, often for the purpose of training or testing, includes both real-world (physical) a…
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Questions regarding fields of magnetisms and their effects on Space Exploration, such as the Earth's magnetic field.
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Questions regarding vertical rocket launch platforms and facilities in their immediate vicinity supporting final preparations for a rocket launch.
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Should be used whenever one specific online resource or printed book/tech.report/article or other space exploration-related media is required. Care should be taken to avoid asking for broad, open-ende…
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How passage of time impacts space exploration activities.
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Questions regarding the use of nuclear devices in space exploration, e.g. to power or propel spacecraft.
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Questions about the process and equipment used to join two spacecraft together.
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How heat affects spacecraft and space missions, or materials and methods to deal with heat.
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Questions regarding how astronauts live in space, including day to day activities, chores, etc.
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Questions about imagery devices on spacecraft and probes.
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SpaceX cargo capsule for lifting payloads to orbit. Launched on a Falcon 9 rocket. Use [dragon-v2] for the Crew Dragon version of this project.
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Questions regarding equipment or other material to be transported during space exploration.
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Questions regarding the amount of heat energy in an environment, as well as how to measure it.
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Deep Space Network is a series of communication antennas around the world used for communication with deep space spacecraft.
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The Soviet Union was a world power and major player in the space race. It dissolved in 1991 into individual states, the largest of which is the Russian Federation.
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Questions about devices which collect and couple electromagnetic signals (communications, radar or other electromagnetic measurements) directly between free space, and conductors (e.g. waveguides or o…
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Questions regarding the rocket engine nozzles, semi-open compartments of various shapes and sizes into which propellant components are injected by their own pressure or with a help of a turbine, often…
95 questions
Questions regarding transfer of data from spacecraft and probes
94 questions
Can refer to both electrical devices and electrical power sources for said devices (batteries, generators, etc) on spacecraft or launch vehicles. Use in conjunction with a specific spacecraft or vehic…
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Questions addressing the energy requirement for space/orbit/interplanetary missions.
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Questions about the extraction of materials from other planets or asteroids.
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Questions about Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), its missions, research projects, and other activities financed, organized, planned, managed, or otherwise arranged under this organization's …
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Set of values carefully prepared to be used together with a simplified perturbations model (most often SGP4) to predict satellite positions with a moderate level of accuracy for times near the epoch c…
The study of satellite orbits and space flight dynamics.
Questions regarding observation of spacecraft or phenomenon in space
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Insight is a Mars lander that successfully touched down on Nov 26, 2018. Insight is going to study the interior (core) of Mars
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Missions expected to happen over the next decade, but that have not launched yet. In particular if such is only a concept at this time.
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Apollo 11 landed the first humans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, on the surface of the Moon on July 20, 1969.
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For questions related to Elon Musk's Midnight Cherry Tesla Roadster (and its "pilot", an empty SpaceX suit named Starman), launched as the payload on the inaugural Falcon Heavy flight on February 6, 2…
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Relating to creating, testing, and refining technology for spacecraft.
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Questions about life support systems in use on spacecraft, space stations, extraterrestrial colonies, or simulated extraterrestrial environments, about their function, design, effectiveness, historica…
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Questions regarding the computers onboard spacecraft which handle mission-critical data.
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Questions about Starlink, the satellite constellation developed by SpaceX to provide global broadband Internet
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Questions regarding the Global Positioning System's satellites and uses.
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Questions regarding a 'sail' that can be attached to spacecraft to harness the sun's radiation to propel a ship in one direction or another.
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