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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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(486958) 2014 MU69, nicknamed Ultima Thule, a trans-Neptunian object (TNO) in the Kuiper belt, the target of the New Horizons spacecraft after its flyby of Pluto
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A material used during reentry to boil and burn away to get rid of energy from air friction.
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Questions regarding the process of bringing a mission to an early stop, often due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstances.
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Questions regarding the measurement for change if velocity per unit of time.
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Attitude Determination & Control Systems measure the attitude of a spacecraft and often execute measures to adjust the attitude with respect to the celestial sphere, reference bodies, or other spacecr…
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Questions on spacecraft propulsion techniques that are either theoretical or not yet at a high technology readiness level.
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aerial robots used in the context of unmanned space probe
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Questions related to causing a spacecraft to slow down by flying through a planet's atmosphere to produce aerodynamic drag.
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the effect on a spacecraft of moving through atmosphere, how its density, pressure, temperature, flow velocity, and viscosity affect a craft, and how lift and drag can be used to modify that.
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Questions about the use of inflatable balloons to cushion landing of probes/exploration vehicles on planetary bodies.
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The release of a rocket or spacecraft from another vessel or platform within the atmosphere, after which it propels itself into space.
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exit a space craft, without venting all the interior atmosphere.
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A Japanese space probe intended to explore Venus for the purpose of examining its meteorology.
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The Almaz program was a highly secretive Soviet military space station program, begun in the early 1960s.
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Questions regarding the distance of an object above a surface.
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Questions regarding home-made rockets.
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Questions regarding spacecraft, projects, or agencies of or relating to America.
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a family of space-launch vehicles in development by Russia.
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Questions regarding the use of living organisms from kingdom Animalia for space exploration.
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Questions about the Antares launcher, built by Orbital Sciences.
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Questions about devices which collect and couple electromagnetic signals (communications, radar or other electromagnetic measurements) directly between free space, and conductors (e.g. waveguides or o…