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Welcome there, friend.

Hi, I'm Tayrma_T online, or just Tay. Either way of that is fine to me. I guess the best way to describe me is a lot of things, but as far as using this site goes, I suppose I'm an aspiring author of some sort. I'm into writing fantasy settings with anthropomorphic characters. Pretty weird, huh? Maybe not, it depends on who you are!

I tend to play a lot of video games, that was a great addiction and kind of continues to be for the past several years of my life pretty much. I'm breaking free from that bond though, as I'm trying to make more for myself, to be more productive and all of that.

Also, I tend to be very secluded to myself, might be on the count of having some anti-social tendencies, but that's alright I guess. I don't type all robotic either, in fact, I love emoticons and all kinds of other cute things people have come up with~ (like those tildes, how fancy!)

I guess I'm odd, but I like being something different. As far as interests go, besides games as mentioned before, I'm very into just science in general, aerospace engineering, seeing how the world works, philosphy, and totally music and other deep things. In fact, here's conveniently sized list of the music I like!:

The List

But anyways, have a lovely day or night, thanks for reading!

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