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Ken Clement
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I am one of the lucky people who figured out at a tender age what I wanted to do with my life - at least professionally. For most of that life I have brought things from my imagination into the real-world, or as some more colloquially express it: I have written software. For me this has always meant more than compiling, linking, and debugging. Software permits us to tackle problems that simply cannot be addressed in any other way owing to complexity, evolving understanding, and urgency. And therefore developing software and doing it well is of paramount importance in the modern world. Beyond the intellectual challenge what I find intriguing is the deep connections among not obviously related things this activity brings, along with a deeper understanding of how things work and in the course of the endeavors how people who do what I do work.

Over the years I have developed and applied my talents in a number of areas including embedded systems, robotics, data analysis, communications, aviation, manufacturing, energy, law enforcement, and business. I am always looking for the next interesting problem to solve.

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