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What are the challenges in Falcon 9 "full thrust" (v1.2) with densified propellant?
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We saw one of the major drawbacks of using the condensed propellant tonight. First, the LOX and RP-1 are not loaded until last minute (-10:00) so that they heat up at a minimum. This led to tonight's ...

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Can orbital debris be assembled into a module for space exploration?
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Legally, this would be outlawed by the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, as well as the "daughter" treaties which dictate ownership of space objects. There is currently no law of salvage in space, such as ...

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What exactly did the Outer Planets Panel say in their recommendation for outer planets missions?
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In general, NASA published selected documents as to their exploration policies since inception in Exploring the Unknown Vol. 5: Exploring the Cosmos (copy at http://history.nasa.gov/SP-4407/ETUv5.pdf)....

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Perturbation effects on sun-synchronous orbit
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Sun-synchronous orbit would have an altitude of between 150 and 900 km. That being said, atmospheric drag would be determined by altitude, with altitudes higher than 600 km experiencing no drag. At ...

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