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46 votes

Why not land SpaceX's Starship like a plane?

20 votes

Why aren't the 'bedrooms' aboard the ISS also the escape pods?

17 votes

Why are so many space telescopes placed in LEO instead of at Lagrange Points? And why do we hear about Hubble more than any Langrange-orbit telescope?

16 votes

When will we send floating probes to Venus?

15 votes

Curiosity and Perseverance landing - with so much dust blown everywhere, what's the point of the skycrane?

15 votes

Will SLS be launched as often as the space shuttle was?

13 votes

What happens to payload fairings of GEO launches?

6 votes

Could an astronaut safely shoot the Sun with a gun?

6 votes

Why do many comets & asteroids keep moving through the solar system, but space ships need fuel to do so?

4 votes

Post Space Shuttle, is NASA going from touchdown back to splashdown?

3 votes

Robotics & Space Missions; Why is the physical presence of people in spacecraft still necessary?

2 votes

Would it be possible to go beyond Jupiter without making any slingshot?

1 vote

Cost-effective Space Shuttle: was it feasible?

1 vote

Why haven't telescopes been sent to other planets?

-3 votes

Why is it assumed that space flights have to be safe?