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28 votes

Why does the Falcon 9 use RP-1/LOx and not LH2/LOx?

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Tiny emergency propulsive device if stuck floating in a large volume in microgravity

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Can the James Webb Space Telescope basically manage its own orbit if necessary?

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Making propellants on Mars: Why not just LH2/LOX instead of methane?

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Is it possible for something to fall straight down to earth? What are the requirements?

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Are and should satellites use wireless communication internally, rather than cables?

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Never reducing propellant for space propulsion

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Power requirements for zapping debris with lasers from ISS

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What limits the speed of space probes currently?

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Are the Boeing CST-100 Starliner and Orion MPCV interchangeable at any level?

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Could cosmic rays be produced by alien propulsion systems?

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Would reusability affect the performance of a rocket engine compared to a single launch version of that rocket engine