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34 votes

Why won't they recover the Falcon 9 from CRS-14?

24 votes

Why is using a space elevator cheaper than rocket power?

11 votes

Why does the Falcon 9 use RP-1/LOx and not LH2/LOx?

9 votes

SpaceX merlin engine failure

5 votes

Are there any known atmospheres that would support traditional combustion engines?

5 votes

Would it be feasible to use natural light to grow plants on Mars?

4 votes

What difficulties will be faced modifying the Falcon 9 FT, so to have better and easier landings of the 1st stage from a GTO mission?

3 votes

Does SpaceX recover and reuse tank pressurization helium?

3 votes

Why does only SpaceX release every stage of rocket launch for the public viewing?

3 votes

3D Printing Rocket Parts

2 votes

Could a rocket engine be designed to use different fuels? (Like LOX+H2, LOX+CH4)

2 votes

Could upper stages take down space debris as a 2nd mission?

1 vote

Does all of the fuel in a Staged Combustion Cycle go to the preburner?

-2 votes

ISS Speed required for true geosynchronous orbit