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I'm Dai, I'm apparently some kind of prescription dextroamphetamine-fuelled British-ish software-writing-person in the Seattle area doing the rounds on a variety of startups. I'm mostly familiar with the .NET stack. I also spend part of the year in Europe too, because I can; I value irreverence and I identify as a reluctant nihilist.

(Just don't call me a "full-stack" engineer - there's more to software than a "back-end" vs. "front-end" dichotomy: think about embedded and robotics, industrial control, avionics, systems programming (with Rust of course, not C, what's wrong with you?), and so on.

Prior to the startup scene I was gainfully employed at Microsoft as a Software Engineer for the Chakra JavaScript engine (Edge and Internet Explorer), prior to that I worked on Expression Blend and Visual Studio.

I like to think I have extensive experience in C# and the .NET Framework, and modest experience in C++. Prior to Microsoft I worked on web-applications and web-services using ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, and WCF. I also have experience in PHP, Java and other non-Microsoft platforms and technologies for which I'm happy to answer questions about. I also know far too much about end-of-life'd Microsoft platforms, products, services and technologies from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s - that's what happens when you read technical manuals for fun as a teenager. I am aware this is not normal.

I have high blood pressure from being constantly frustrated by limitations in type-systems and expressivity in programming languages - and StackOverflow users who actively disregard the posting guidelines about not posting screenshots (or even photos of their screen) of code in their questions.

I also recreationally reformat SQL in other peoples' StackOverflow posts into my own opinionated style, without prior informed consent, because it's oddly theraputic.


  • Everything is terrible.
  • Life is short and love is always over in the morning.
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