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SGP4 TEME frame to J2000 conversion
5 votes

I have published a julia package called SatelliteToolbox.jl that has all the conversions related to IAU-76/FK5 model (ITRF, MOD, TOD, GCRF, PEF, etc.) and now I also added the support for TEME. ...

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Sun-synchronous satellite orbit propagation
4 votes

With respect to what orbit propagator you should use, it depends. If you are designing a space mission that will operate in a Sun-syncrhounous orbit, then usually a J2 is better. In those cases, the ...

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How to determine an algorithm for Low Earth Orbit propagation, considering perturbation from the moon, sun, etc?
3 votes

If you are propagating the orbit of an object in a low-Earth orbit and will numerically integrate it, then you should use a very precise gravity model. AFAIK, this will add more effects to the ...

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