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14 votes

What's the eccentricity of an orbit (trajectory) falling straight down towards the center?

8 votes

Do you need to burn fuel between gravity assists?

8 votes

Why were the Voyager spacecraft numbered "out-of-order"?

5 votes

What kind of mission objective would make a parabolic escape trajectory desirable?

5 votes

Did the spacecrafts Galileo or Juno use the Galilean moons for a gravity assist before entering Jovian orbit?

5 votes

How are Spacecraft Event Times (SETs) managed; to what timescales are they linked?

5 votes

References on Launch Trajectories

4 votes

Change in True Anomaly over time

3 votes

Forces experienced during transfer orbit

2 votes

If I Wanted to get Involved in Space Exploration-- What Should/Could I do?

1 vote

Was the Apollo spacecraft always gravitationally bound to the Earth-Moon system?

0 votes

Bounce off the atmosphere at reentry?