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I'm a senior frontend developer looking for long-term commitment.

Full CV: . It's a hybrid static/SPA website. Read more about it at the bottom of the CV and see the source.

Skills & qualities

  • Specializing exclusively in EmberJS for 4 years and actively enjoying it.
  • Strong frontend programming skills, modern JS, best practices & tools.
  • Solid HTML/CSS skills. Deep experience with Sass & organizing the styles codebase.
  • Testing apologist. Can set up a full-fledged acceptance testing suite in the project & BDD workflow in the team, leveraging years of experience and avoiding many common issues (that often cause testing initiatives feel unsucsessful).
  • Focus on long-term maintainability & scalability.
  • Capable of assessing the codebase for:
    • performance bottlenecks,
    • non-optimal architecture,
    • tech debt,
    • development productivity issues ...and making a stage-by-stage plan for resolving those issues without sacrificing dev cadence (at least not too much, I'm not a magician).
  • Ready to start a new codebase from scratch. I will establish every aspect required for a successful app: infrastructure plannig, all types of testing, mock backend, code coverage, i18n, a11y, code style, UI components library, data layer, auth, documentation, ~~you name it~~ I'll name all and take care of it for you. I'll need assistance from your backend/devops guys for CI, deployment and full-stack testing.
  • I will own your frontend codebase. Not in a bad sense of not letting other devs touch my code, but in a good sense of taking the headache off your mind.
  • Have experience desigining APIs and connecting apps to exising APIs.
  • Open source enthusiast. I maintain a handful of Ember addons and eager to contribute to you company's open source presence.
  • Have taste for teaching teammates, writing guidelines, giving tech talks, pair coding & getting all frontend devs on the same page.
  • Will not try making myself irreplaceable. I care for keeping the bus factor low.
  • References available from my present employer: Perforce. You'll be contact my boss and my closest teammate over email for honest opinion.

What I'm not:

  • Not a visual designer.
  • I can handle Node.js and eager to learn Elixir/Phoenix, but otherwise I'm not a full-stack dev.
  • Not an office worker. Remote only.

See my for full CV, background info, project links, contacts, etc.

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