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7 answers
17 votes
Is the zero gravity experienced in ISS the "artificial" kind?
5 votes

It is exactly the same zero gravity as you experience in a plane paraboling to Earth. It 's a bit different from the gravity you experience in far-from-mass gravity in outer space though. In the ISS ...

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9 answers
21 votes
Is it possible to throw a baseball so hard it circles the earth above your head?
1 votes

Newton had about the same idea. He pictured a canon on the top of a mountain, shootig a bullet horizontally with different speeds: You are incorrect in saying that the ball ends up in an ellips. ...

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5 answers
23 votes
Is there any limit to how many times you can increase velocity by repeated sling shot manoeuvres?
1 votes

In principle you can' t gain much velocity. Only a change in direction. Even with an array of black holes your final velocity in space will be not much different from the velocity you had initially. ...

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3 answers
5 votes
Why does a satellite with a higher mass fall slower?
1 votes

This is not always the case. Suppose the satellite with the higher mass has, say, the form of a sphere, and the lighter one that of a long massive spear with a sharp point gradually extending to the ...

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10 votes
How do vibrational isolators reduce the g-forces of a payload on a launch vehicle?
0 votes

If the absorbers weren't there all the forces causing the spaceship to accelerate would be transmitted to the delicate load, causing it to accelerate in non-wanted ways. If fluid nitroglycerin is part ...

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Likely ways to move asteroids
-1 votes

It depends on where you want them move too. Probably to an Earth-bound orbit. You could put fusion thrusters on two opposite sides. Before you must of course make computer simulations for the ...

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