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58 votes

What "actually" happens at T-minus-0

49 votes

Why does the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket do a 180 flip for reentry?

31 votes

What is the farthest a spacecraft has traveled away from earth?

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Why don't we use catapults to get to space?

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What would be the (most difficult) challenge to make a 10,000 year satellite?

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How far would the STS get without the SRBs

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Does communications with spacecraft red shift the further away they are?

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Why is there no POV video of the Philae lander landing?

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Do electronics and mechanical components work in a vacuum or require a sealed controlled atmosphere?

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Could an Apollo astronaut have put their foot through the hull of the LEM?

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What would be a few challenges to build a landing strip on mars?

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Do any current ICBM's have the delta-V to target the sun?

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How long can Philae stay "alive"?

5 votes

Couldn't I escape Earth's gravity traveling only 1 mph (0.45 m/s)?

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Is there a simple relation between delta-v and travel time?

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Radio Link Design of a low power, sensors to satellite communication system

2 votes

Transfer between elliptical orbits

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Could upper stages take down space debris as a 2nd mission?