(Ruby != Rails) until getit?

puts "E-mail: #{my_nickname}@gmail.com"

Help us to promote creation of "Code Golf & Programming Puzzles" StackExchange site
(Proposed Q&A site for code golfers and for those who interested in code golfing (from beginners to experts), and programming puzzles.)

This proposal has reached 100% commitment. We are preparing for its launch and expect to create it soon. (c) stack exchange team

Thank you, my three referrers ..)

Site is now in private Beta.
It will became public on Thursday, February 3 UTC - 7 PM.

I'm disappointed. Waited for Programming puzzles and codegolf from autumn and now I see, that I was waiting for smth else than what we've got now.
It is neither puzzles, because all of them only golfgolfgolf... nor normal golf, because atmosphere is not friently, too competitive.
Discrimination, trolling, narcissism... let's kids play without me. Sad, that now we lost normal golf at SO.

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