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How to retrieve MER2 Spirit rover orientation along the traverse map?

I would like to retrieve data about position of Spirit along its travel on Mars surface using webgeocalc; I found a document which lists all "needed" kernels... but they are not enough, ...
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Is this 62 mile interception altitude reasonable for this stated missile trajectory?

If a missile is launched from Yemen, and destined for Israel which is "nearly 1,000" (less than) miles away, is it likely for that missile to be intercepted at 62 miles of altitude? Where on ...
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How can I show the ideal path from Earth to Mars in a vacuum using calculus?

I would like to use calculus to try and model the optimal path to mars in space, assuming the rocket starts with an initial velocity in the vacuum of space, and only accelerates due to the Sun's ...
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Computation slant range d between a satellite and a ground terminal

I am computing the free space path loss by using the following equation: My goal is to compute d (distance between satellite and user) = SE ( see the picture below). Parameters I know: satellite ...
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