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Difference between rotated frame and rotating frame

Suppose we have a spacecraft orbiting around Earth and we neglect all effects of Earth's $z$-axis motion, i.e., no wobble, precession, or nutation. For simplicity, we only assume a rotation rate $\...
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Converting J2000 to ECEF?

Say I get the orbital elements for the ISS from JPL Horizons. Say that data is expressed in J2000, an inertial frame. I want to express it in ECEF. This is a simple rotation transform. All I need is ...
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Accuracy of direct ECI (Earth-Centered Inertial) to LLA (Longitude, Latitude, Altitude) conversion via sub-satellite point?

The process of converting between ECI and LLA is generally known to be complex, as it involves a intermediate conversion to ECEF (Earth-Centered, Earth-Fixed). This, in turn, involves the ...
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Is this commonly attributed ECI (Earth-Centered Inertial) to ECEF (Earth-Centered Earth-Fixed) transformation accurate?

As noted in this previous Stack Exchange question, and many others like it, the transformation from ECI to ECEF (or vice versa) is not a simple process, requiring several steps and considerations (...
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Rotation matrix from J2000 to ITRF2008

I want to rotate a vector from the inertial J2000 frame into ITRF2008. I am using the NASA SPICE library, which provides a rotation matrix from J2000 to ITRF93 (they plan to upgrade the library to a ...
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LVLH to ECI Conversion

I'd like to transform LVLH coordinates to ECI coordinates. I've been looking at academic papers and other answers on here and other websites and have only seen the transformation in the other ...
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ECI to LVLH conversion

I want to transform the position and velocity of two satellites from ECI mean of date mean of equinox to LVLH(Local Vertical Local Horizontal). The problem is that there is little documentation that I ...
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How can I convert HGI coordinates to J2000 coordinates?

I am looking at old mission data such at this one from Vega 1. The coordinate system provided is HGI. Most of the data I have is in ICRF/J2000.0, as JPL Horizons provides. How can I convert between ...
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