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Why ECEF does not coincide with ECI on January 1, 2000 at 12.00? [duplicate]

I assumed that ECEF frame coincides with ECI frame on January 1, 2000 at 12.00. To see that, on MATLAB, I used the dcmeci2ecef() function as: ...
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Where do I find ECEF coordinates of a satellite?

I am taking a university course named 'satellite navigation' as a part of my master degree in aerospace engineering. For the exam we are required to elaborate the coordinates of a LEO satellite (it ...
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Transformation ECI to ECEF acceleration and forces

I know that for velocity conversions between ECI and ECEF there is an $\omega \times r_{ECI} $ term, such that the overall transformation is $v_{ECEF}=v_{ECI}-\omega \times r_{ECI}$. In my belief ...
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In which direction does the x axis of the ECI at 1.1.2000 at 12:00 (J2000) go and where is the 0 deg meridian?

I am currently getting a bit lost in reference frames and coordinate systems. From my point of view, I am currently in the ICRS frame. I know that the ECI from my point is only moving but not rotating,...
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Converting J2000 to ECEF?

Say I get the orbital elements for the ISS from JPL Horizons. Say that data is expressed in J2000, an inertial frame. I want to express it in ECEF. This is a simple rotation transform. All I need is ...
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Is it posible to convert JPL Horizons Vectors to ECEF?

I'm needing to accurately find the sun and moon position in ECEF and I'm wanting to make use of JPL's Horisons VECTORS to do this. What data should I export from the web interface and how should I ...
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Calculating angular deviation from LEO magnetic field

The situation I need to calculate pointing errors for a satellite that points along Earth's magnetic field. The satellite's position and orientation are given to me w.r.t ECI J2000. The orientation is ...
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Earth magnetic field vector in ECEF

I've this problem... I want to express the earth magnetic field vector in ECEF reference frame. As now I've just found some models for computing these values related to the earth magnetic field: D: ...
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Are ECI and ECEF both frames and/or coordinate systems? Is there a difference?

I don't know really know the difference between a frame and a coordinate system. I'd proposed ECEF and ECI tags, do we need them? Frames seems to be the standard in meta but there is concern so any ...
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Is this commonly attributed ECI (Earth-Centered Inertial) to ECEF (Earth-Centered Earth-Fixed) transformation accurate?

As noted in this previous Stack Exchange question, and many others like it, the transformation from ECI to ECEF (or vice versa) is not a simple process, requiring several steps and considerations (...
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C/Fortran library for ECI to ECEF conversion

Does anyone know of a good C or fortran library which constructs the rotation matrix to convert from ECI to ECEF components?
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