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J2000 to current ECI transformation matrix

I want to find the transformation matrix that converts an ECI frame at some time 't' (lets say t = 1st January 2020) to J2000 ECI frame (that is ECI frame at noon of 1st January 2000). From what I ...
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Perifocal to ECI using Argument of Latitude

Suppose a satellite is orbiting Earth in a circular orbit. I know the following orbital elements: Inclination i, RAAN (Ω), Semi-major axis a (or orbit radius given that it is a circular orbit) ...
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Calculating angular deviation from LEO magnetic field

The situation I need to calculate pointing errors for a satellite that points along Earth's magnetic field. The satellite's position and orientation are given to me w.r.t ECI J2000. The orientation is ...
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ECI position and velocity from angular velocity

I need help with an orbital mechanics issue that I cannot figure out. I have the initial ECI position and velocity ($r_{vec},v_{vec}$) of a certain satellite. Through them, the angular velocity, the ...
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