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TEL is an acronym for Transporter/Erector/Launcher that is a mobile platform that can transport, erect and launch a rocket. In the context of Space Exploration, it refers to TEL facilitating suborbital and orbital rocket launches and less so TEL used for military ballistic missiles or missile interceptors that might be by design a lot smaller, more mobile, can support multiple rockets and would often also integrate radar (TLAR or TELAR).

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Why would someone need vertical loading for a SpaceX rocket?

Was reading about the new vertical pad loading system SpaceX wants to build. Of interest was this quote Known as a mobile service tower (MST), SpaceX has managed to avoid the need for the expensive, ...
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What holds SpaceX’s rocket in place in this launch?

On a recent launch video, the gantry is at an angle and only loose tethers are attached as the rocket is prepared for launch. What is keeping it upright and in place at this point? The engines haven'...
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What are these yellow devices attached to the Falcon Heavy?

I was looking at the pictures of the newly rolled out Falcon Heavy and I noticed these odd yellow extensions on the payload faring. What are they?
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Who has built the largest number of Transport/Erector/Launch (TEL)?

I was looking at some SpaceX pictures and realized that with the last ten years, and the coming two years, SpaceX will have built a TEL for: Falcon 1 - Kwajelin Atol Falcon 1 - SLC-4 (before they ...
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