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How to calculate the solar irradiance (flux) on Mars. But,measurments are made at Earth orbit or at 1 AU

There are many satellites measuring the solar flux in EUV and X-ray at 1 AU (Ex: SDO, SOHO, etc). In the case of Mars: MAVEN looking sun in a small band of EUV and X-ray at Mars. Is there any approach,...
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How to convert to GEO cordinate from the Mars Solar orbital coordinate (Sun-state)

I am working on the planetary science (on Mars) project for my master thesis. I am using MAVEN data for analysis. Data (spacecraft position) are measured in MSO (Mars Solar orbital) coordinate. I ...
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What does "clumps and streams" of hydrogen leaving Mars' atmosphere really mean? Are there images of them?

This excellent answer to Just how huge is Mars' cloud of hydrogen? links to the 14 October 2014 Nature News item "Hydrogen Cloud Blows Off Mars", by Alexandra Witze,
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Did the tail of Siding Spring distort communication between Mars, and Earth?

This article writes to say There was an hour’s communication blackout during the comet’s fly-by ... What happened here? Did the tail of Siding Spring serve to block/distort communication between ...
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What risk management options are available for Mars orbiters and rovers to mitigate threat of impacting with Siding Spring cometary debris?

I was reading this article on New Scientist titled Fiercest meteor shower on record to hit Mars via comet. Long story short, the Oort cloud comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring is predicted to near-miss Mars ...
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