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Are smaller rockets easier to land? [closed]

Is it easier to land a smaller rocket compared to bigger rockets?? Since they are lighter
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Why did the Virgin One launch fail?

What caused the early shutdown of Virgin rocket's upper stage? The previous failure was also due to early shutdown of engine, although that was first stage failure. As per reports available in public, ...
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What are the primary business challenges for Firefly Aerospace to capturing a large enough market share of the 1-ton payload market to be successful?

The recent CNBC video How Ex-SpaceX Engineers Are Fueling The Space Race With Firefly (linked below) is worth a watch, and notes include the following: a team comprised of industry veterans, Firefly ...
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Does better satelite propulsion help selling secondary payloads?

Generally orbital inclination change is said to be (fuel) expensive so everyone is trying to reach their final orbit straight from the launch vehicle. Small launch vehicles (Rocket Lab etc.) reach ...
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When has hydrogen peroxide been used in rocketry?

Peroxide is apparently a very good propellant, but I can't seem to find any instance of it being used. Has it ever been used and if not, why hasn't it? What's its downsides?
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Small satellite launcher to LEO dedicated launch vehicle [duplicate]

well today i was thinking, why nobody do something like the SS-520 but comercial? a small rocket entry dedicated to launch a cubesat, that probably go to have a lot of adventages and probably is realy ...
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Why aren't there more 1.5 stage rockets?

Why aren't 1.5 stage rockets, like the SM-65 Atlas, used as small sat launchers? It seems to me like that would be simple as you don't need as many tanks and the plumbing to connect the to the engines ...
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Who is Astra Space Inc and what is their DARPA-funded rocket they are planning on launching later this year?

All of a sudden, I'm hearing about a new company called Astra (not Ad Astra). They've got some nice pictures in that article linked but I can't find any information about their launch site, engines, ...
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