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How can stellar images be "subtracted" from a sequence of exposures? (difference imaging)

The press release UH ATLAS telescope discovers first-of-its-kind asteroid from the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Hawaii shows an image of an "active asteroid" among a field of stars. ...
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What's the rationale behind the false colours in solar observation photographs? [closed]

Images from SOHO, SDO and other sun observatories are often coloured differently for different wavelengths or temperatures:
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What are these echo-like artifacts in some SDO images?

I was looking at the Galleries in the NASA Scientific Visualization Studio and in the banner they show an image from SDO - the Solar Dynamics Observatory. I've posted it below along with a cropped, ...
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Is this really an image of the sun, or an "artist's conception"?

I just saw this image in this article in, which is generally a great source of physics news. Normally I would expect them to post real images, or if they use artist's conceptions, they would ...
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Speed of solar coronal mass ejection

From this video, it appears that material is being flung outward from the limb of the Sun at pretty high speed. Considering that the Sun is some 1.4 million km in diameter, and at least one band seems ...
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How was this image of the sun taken and what does it show?

In the last few years amazing images of the sun have been around. They are from the Solar Dynamics Observatory's AIA instrument. The one below shows super-hot iron atoms. So, am I looking at field ...
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