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How would an n-body numerical orbit simulator use hierarchy in its Jacobian?

This question is about techniques to calculate orbits. The Github post On the dynamical stability of Principia's modified Jool system (cited in this answer) says: Principia computes the trajectory of ...
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Can a swarm of nano-probes act as a phased antenna of a greater power?

One problem with nano-satellites and generally any small spacecraft is that you can't fit a powerful power source and antenna - their usability outside vicinity of 'adult' satellites or Earth is thus ...
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Dyson Swarm: Does Mercury have enough mass/raw material?

Does Mercury have enough mass/raw elements to construct an Inverse Dyson Swarm/Bubble (for lack of a better term)? Inverse Dyson Swarm/Bubble Wiki -- a lot like the Dyson Bubble around the star, but ...
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What pattern is made by the satellites of ESA's Swarm Mission?

Swarm satellites, like in this article, are satellites being released at the same time. Do they enter different orbits? If so, how do they power themselves to get into unique orbits?
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Swarm: Is ESA launching another set of aerodynamically streamlined satellites into LEO without any self-destruct system onboard?

ESA's GOCE (Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer) satellite is receiving a lot of attention these days, ever since it was announced it ran out of Xenon propellant used by its ion ...
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