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Moving at greater than the speed of sound, which is Mach 1. Relevant to movement through an atmosphere, but 'Mach x' may also simply indicate a speed. At above Mach 5 or 6, the term 'hypersonic' is used.

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Can a pressure increase in the jet flame affect the pressure in the combustion chamber?

In the recent "Turbopump Part 2" video of the (amazing!) series on the A4/V2 rocket by Astronomy and Nature TV, Richard references a study "Report No. 708, Optical Studies of the Jet ...
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How well would a supersonic aircraft perform in the Martian atmosphere?

I started getting curious about this question during my Flight Test Engineering class. My professor was talking about a part of the International Standard Atmosphere that is a similar pressure to that ...
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Using a laval nozzle as supersonic inlet - what happens at throat? [closed]

I am wondering what will happen, if I use the laval-nozzle , which normaly accelerates a fluid the other way round: So what happens if I fly with my aircraft at Mach 2 and I collect all the air in my ...
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What was the flight path of China's hypersonic missile that circumnavigated sometime in summer 2021?

I read on CNN: China's test of a hypersonic missile over the summer [2021] "went around the world," the second most senior US general said in an interview released Tuesday, shedding new ...
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What is the Chinese hypersonic capability? (supersonic test orbited the Earth in August, long march rocket & JF22 supersonic wind tunnel)

Current news cycle is reporting the Chinese supersonic missile capable rocket that orbited earth in August. The various news reports are extremely light on details. Some info on the long march series. ...
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What would be the minimum distance from the launch/landing platform to be not be bothered by Starship sonic booms?

One version of Starship has also been proposed to be used for Earth to Earth transportation medium. It won't be anytime soon but when they become normal, how far would the human settlement have to be ...
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Do converging-diverging engine nozzles need to be bell-shaped?

Many rockets designed after the V2 but prior to Saturn V, do not show the typical "Bell" shaped diverging nozzle. Why is it so? Do they achieve supersonic speeds for the exhaust gases in any other way?...
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Supersonic flow of non-compressible fluids

Will the non-compressible fluids, travelling at Mach 1, at the throat of a CD nozzle, accelerate after they leave the throat?
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Nozzle throat velocity

I have the following question regarding nozzles; It is known that in a CD nozzle there can be only one of the following outcomes; a flow fully subsonic in the convergent, subsonic at the throat and ...
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Why should the velocity through the nozzle throat be sonic?

I have read (even on this site), that exhaust gas velocity is (normally?) sonic (exactly Mach 1) through the choke point of a De Laval, or convergent-divergent, nozzle: At the "throat", where the ...
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Does launching rockets produce a sonic boom?

I've been watching rocket launches, and the commentator often remarks when the vehicle has gone supersonic. There is presumably a sonic boom at this point, right? Is it just that we don't hear it on ...
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Could you use a hypersonic space plane to fly into space?

Is it possible to use a hypersonic jet that goes at extreme speeds in the atmosphere, then once it's at a high altitude it points down to just above the horizon and speeds up. Then it flies by that ...
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How effective are Falcon 9 1st stage grid fins in the last few seconds before landing?

This answer discusses the three methods that the Falcon 9 1st stage uses for attitude control during re-entry and landing. They are: cold nitrogen jets, "hypersonic" grid fins, and thrust vectoring of ...
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Modelling for the LDSD parachute - what are the issues with scale models and software simulations?

The LDSD1 parachute is too large to test in any current wind tunnel, the only test possible on the ground was the rocket sled test. In this NASA Edge episode (starting at 15:12), Ian Clark talked ...
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