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Questions regarding quick oscillations known as vibrations.

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CubeSat dispensers: amplify or dampen vibration loads on spacecraft?

CubeSat world: has anybody run a vibration test where you put accelerometers both on the dispenser (or shaker plate) and your spacecraft inside the dispenser? For the SunCET CubeSat, we're trying to ...
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how to estimate the fatigue life of a launch vehicle in conceptual or preliminary design?

A launch vehicle undergoes vibrational loads during ascent (and descent for reusable ones), how can the fatigue life be estimated in conceptual or preliminary design? Is there any data or standards ...
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Mount Lightband with Screws into Helicoils?

Quick question; provided sufficient rigidity and accommodation for tear out in the underlying structure, can you fasten a Planetary Systems Motorized (or Advanced) Mark 2 lightband ESPA interface with ...
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How much does annual maintenance of a vibration table cost?

The company I work for produces hardware for spacecraft and we routinely have to test that hardware to ensure it meets the stringent requirements for random vibration environments on the missions they ...
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Vibration and noise during launch of the Saturn V and Spaceshuttle in comparison?

I just saw a TV docu about the Apollo mission. Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders said the vibrations and noise during launch were much heavier than expected. I later heard a speech by the Shuttle ...
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Could a fairing vacuum protect the payload from acoustic loads?

This is a weirder question, but here it goes: During launch, a payload (let's say a satellite) undergoes intense shaking and acoustic loads. This is known from the launcher parameters and the ...
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Ariane 4 Random Vibration

In the plot above, taken from space craft system engineering book, chapter 2. This is the plot showing the random vibration power spectrum of Ariane 4. The unit is $g^2/Hz$, I understand how the ...
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What were Hubble's jerk and jounce limits? Did JWST have the same?

From Wikipedia: In physics, jerk is the rate of change of acceleration; that is, the derivative of acceleration with respect to time, and as such the second derivative of velocity, or the third ...
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Why doesn't this SpaceX rocket test fire use water sprays?

I know that rocket launches always have water towers spray water all around when the rocket is launching to suppress the extreme sounds and shockwaves generated by the launch and ensure the rocket ...
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Do rocket engines have shock absorbers?

With a million pounds of thrust and many g of acceleration and a significant fraction of a g of vibration, connecting the engine to the rocket can't be trivial. At launch the mass is very high and ...
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Do astronauts hear audible creaking from spacecraft structures?

I once heard an audio tape compiled from data downloads from a high rate accelerometer on the Olympus satellite, from which one could hear thruster firings, valve switching and reaction wheel ...
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Do processors need to be hardened against vibration?

Rockets are very loud, and seems to have a lot of vibration caused by turbulence. They're also run by microchips, which I tend to think of as fragile. Do the microchips need to be specially designed ...
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What G-forces do different launchers cause?

What G-force is the payload exposed to on different launchers? Are there more gentle and more rough rockets? And do other factors, like vibrations, differ significantly too? Some scientific payloads ...
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Estimating vibration performance of a material

I am choosing a material for a spacecraft component, and I would like to estimate how it will perform under vibration, perhaps during launch. How does one estimate this performance? Are there ...
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Is vibration useful in shaking off Mars dust?

I had just read this article about how they were trying to figure out how to make a vibrating superconductor move in 1 direction, for propulsion, but it didn't sound too promising. So I thought of ...
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How were vibrations supposed to be handled in an Ares I?

The basic concept of an Ares 1 consisted of a five-segment SRB and some liquid-fuelled upper stage. The SRB was derived from the four-segment Space Shuttle SRBs. A similar concept was later promoted ...
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